Research Now SSI introduces new name and brand


Research Now SSI has rebranded as “Dynata”. The new brand speaks to the company’s unique value proposition: Dynata offers one of the world’s largest collections of first-party data, contributed by people — consumers and business professionals — who opt-in to participate in surveys and market research. The current opinions, reactions and data that they provide are critical to organizations’ decision-making, particularly to business investment in marketing services spanning from product development and brand tracking to advertising.

The new brand reflects the company’s strategy to provide precise data based on actual people across the marketing spectrum from research to advertising to achieve new standards of marketing performance and to close the learning and knowledge loop across marketing disciplines. Dynata understands that marketers have evolved beyond big data and are now seeking reliable, connected information that will give them game-changing insights, more relevant engagement with their customers and prospects, and significant competitive advantage.

With a reach of 60+ million people globally, Dynata (pronounced “Dye-NAY-tah”) is strategically positioned to provide data on a scale that is both broad and deep. As a single-source provider, the company actively manages and maintains its relationships with opted-in panel participants and their information, resulting in quality data.

Gary S. Laben, CEO of Dynata, says, “Our new name and brand identity signify our ongoing commitment to revitalize data-driven marketing and to be a major player as a provider of first-party data representing the voice of actual individuals to inform the B2C and B2B dialog. Our new brand is representative of our growth strategy and vision. Just as we have undergone an organizational transformation via our merger, we look to transform marketing in an era requiring trustworthy data and to help our clients achieve better business results.”