Nielsen partners Innity, launches targeting tool in HK


Nielsen Media has rolled out VisualDNA for the Hong Kong Market. VisualDNA is Nielsen’s proprietary data that helps companies, brands and marketers understand the human personality, allowing businesses to serve their customers better.

In partnership with Innity, a leading online media company, Nielsen VisualDNA allows the provision of audience personality to marketers for the first time. The data is a result of a global psychographic personality test that has been taken by over 40 million people. VisualDNA enables Innity to run personality-based marketing campaigns with highly customized messages, all with the grand goal to enhance ad resonance and boost campaign performance. Depending on campaign types, marketers can target audiences by demographics, lifestyle, brand preference, personality and shopping personality.

“In the past few years, Nielsen Media has been focusing on developing Nielsen’s proprietary data assets and VisualDNA is a core product launch. VisualDNA is powerful in the sense that it provides marketers with the ability to target based on individual motivations and habits, thereby increasing the accuracy of targeting. This heightened accuracy of targeting is especially valuable to ensure marketing success amid challenging market circumstances,” said Clare Lui, Vice President, Media, Nielsen Hong Kong.

“Since inception, Innity’s main objective is to deliver a diverse range of data drivers, interactive and engaging solutions to advertisers. Our exclusive partnership with Nielsen and its VisualDNA product, further strengthen our motto of bringing the right message to the right audience at the right time. VisualDNA helps advertisers to understand consumers’ mindset and in return ensure successful marketing initiatives,” said, Andrew Lim, Managing Partner, Innity Hong Kong.

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