methinks hires new CEO


Video research and targeting company, methinks, has appointed Silicon Valley veteran Aaron Burcell  as CEO of the organization. Burcell will focus on growing awareness of methinks consumer insights, increasing revenues worldwide and developing a global research platform distribution strategy. He is already assembling a veteran, proven team of marketing and sales leaders to compliment the Company’s recent success attracting leading-brand customers in North America and Asia.

Burcell has a long history working with methinks founders Philip Yun and Wilson Li in the games industry, and he was an early methinks advisor, customer and product evangelist. Burcell has served in marketing, operations and growth roles at startups and large companies alike, including leadership roles at Grockit (acquired by Kaplan), Vevo and Marcus by Goldman Sachs. Most recently, Burcell returned to Loop Media as the Chief Operating Officer in the run up to its merger with FogChain. Burcell previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Loop during its founding and initial growth phases, including the acquisition of commercial streaming leader, ScreenPlay.

Executive Quotes
“Aaron is the ideal executive to add to our team,” said methinks Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Philip Yun. “Aaron brings a vast network, rich startup experiences and a customer-centric perspective to our business. His enthusiasm is contagious, and everyone he brings into methinks respects his leadership and shares his high integrity. We’re really excited to be working together again.”

“The first time Philip showed me the methinks prototype, I asked if I could start using it right away at Vevo. That was nearly five years ago,” said methinks CEO Aaron Burcell. “Like so many marketing executives, product managers, creative producers, designers and entrepreneurs, I’ve struggled to source customer feedback because, historically, creating qualitative research has been too time-intensive and expensive. Until methinks, innovative companies using Lean and Agile development moved too fast to create and incorporate timely, relevant customer insights. The magic of methinks is simple — create a gig in two minutes, start evaluating ‘Thinker’ fitness right away, connect via web or mobile, get valuable customer signals in the same day.”

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