MRSI debuts research and insights awards


The Market Research Society of India has launched India’s first ever Research and Insights Awards – The MRSI Golden Key Awards, which recognises and celebrates Research and Researchers contributing to growth in their client’s business. Typically the work done by researchers is a ‘behind the doors’ activity since it ‘supports’ brand, marketing and business strategy which are far more visible aspects of any business.

While experienced marketers completely acknowledge the integral role of consumer insights into driving their businesses, it’s the research and insight professionals that are usually more averse to talking about their work openly! And often for the right reasons – for confidentiality of their client’s strategy, for not letting the competition know the methods they use and so on.

In this context, MRSI Golden Key awards are being instituted to recognise the contribution of insights for the growth of the business; to let the lime light shine on the research professionals as well for a change; to instil a greater sense of pride amongst research and insight professionals through the industry recognition and to build the halo of prestige around the genuinely good work being done in the industry.

Thrilled about the launch of the Award, President of MRSI, Sandeep Arora said, “The MRSI Golden Key Awards have been conceptualized to celebrate and acknowledge world-class contribution made by research and insights-led data scientists across India. To ensure that the credibility of these awards is unquestioned, senior cross-industry veterans would grace the renowned jury panel. Along with recognizing research and researchers that have impacted the industry, this one-of-a-kind occasion will witness a lot of fun and celebration too! We are really excited about it!”


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