Cint Completes Platform Integration with P2Sample


Insights company Cint has completed its platform integration with sample company P2Sample. Cint came together with the company last year and has been taking steps toward complete integration over the last several months. Global teams were already integrated functionally and working together by the end of 2019, and the final touches on the platform and tech stacks were completed this quarter, enhancing overall capabilities for clients worldwide.

“Our clients on both the demand and supply side of market research will reap the benefits of this integration,” said Tom Buehlmann, CEO of Cint. “This combined technology provides a robust, innovative foundation that delivers better outcomes across the board. From our massive global reach all the way to our dynamic approach to fraud detection, the Cint platform provides a scalable, optimised insights solution. To have completed the integration within the timeframe we have also speaks volumes to the alignment amongst the two teams coming together, culturally and philosophically.”

On the demand side, Cint will continue to use its market-leading tools for buyers including: AccessPro, an end-to-end workflow application tool for sample procurement, sample management and supply chain management; the P2Sample demand-API ‘upstream’ offering which integrates with other third-party platforms; and Cint Connect, a programmatic ad effectiveness solution.

On the supply side, the go-to-market offering will primarily leverage P2Sample’s best-in-class supplier APIs and bundled toolkit, including AI-driven yield management, AI-fraud detection and dynamic profiling. This is implemented alongside Cint’s Engage solution for suppliers wishing to host their panel assets on Cint’s free-to-use panel management technology.

Mathijs de Jong, former CEO of P2Sample who currently serves as part of Cint’s leadership team, said, “At P2Sample, we built a company based on innovation from the beginning, so seeing our vision amplified on a massive global scale like this is truly gratifying. Our teams have been working side by side to ensure that the integrated platform delivers the very best value for clients, and we’re pleased with the outcomes. The result is simply better technology for all buyers and suppliers, all in one place.”

The platform integration represents the final step in joining Cint and P2Sample. Cint’s company re-brand, unveiled early this year, illustrates the power of the integration of both the people and the technology.

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